Our Summer Visitors from Guam (Day 1)

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The above pictures were taken today when David, Roseann, Beth, Risa and Jonathan Ahlgren arrived in San Diego to visit the Lightner's for the summer. Their 9:02AM flight from Los Angeles arrived on time, but without anyone's checked baggage. Fortunately, the luggage arrived on the next commuter flight from Los Angeles, about 30 minutes later. The trip from Guam was exciting for all. The Continental Airlines DC-10 had to return to Guam after one of it's (four) engines failed. (David said fire was coming from the engine.) Also, everyone got very worried when the pilot dumped the full load of jet fuel before returning to land in Guam...it looked like smoke was coming from the airplane.

Everyone arrived in good spirits...David reports that Jonathan was well behaved on the long trip. (Sherri looks a bit haggard after getting the house ready for our guests...we finished assembling the last of our 6 new beds this morning!) Jonathan and Cooper are now "best buddies". (Golden Retrievers were clearly bred with four-year-olds in mind.) Evie and Beth started art projects in the afternoon. We have yet another picture of Risa asleep...she was very tired from the long trip. John and David immediately when to visit John's grandparents, then went shopping for VW parts for the Baja Bug John is putting together in the driveway/garage. Risa took a long nap in the afternoon, but came back to life in time for dinner.

Dinner was hamburgers, hot dogs and corn-on-the-cob. Jonathan is going to double in size in a month if he keeps eating like he did this evening! We're all happy to have everyone together with us again...

B.D. Lightner, Sat Jun 20 20:04:10 PDT 1998