Friday Evening at the Beach

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The first photo is of Jonathan sleeping with the pumpkin he got on a field trip at nursery school. The rest of the photos were taken at or near the "tide pools" north of the Scripps Pier. Evie's friend Amanda was with us. Evie (again) found the sandstone rock at the beach that looks like the Virgin Mary. (We may have to lug it home one of these days.) The tide has been way out in the late afternoons, so we've been walking down to the beach to "tide pool" and play on the beach for the last three evenings in a row. Besides looking for sea life in the tide pools, we do lot's of other fun stuff, like climb on the rocks, chase the sea gulls, draw in the sand, wade in the water, fool around with drift wood, balance rocks, throw stones in the water, play catch with the Frisbee, watch the sunset, and run around on the beach. Great fun for kids and adults alike!
B.D. Lightner, Fri Oct 23 22:29:21 PDT 1998