Christmas Morning

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It's the morning of Christmas Day. Sherri's parents (Grandma Donna and "Grandaddy" Alan) came over with Sherri's sister's family (Bonni, Kenny and Cousin Dawna). We all had breakfast together, then opened our presents. With all the wonderful presents from Guam, it took quite a while to finish. (I don't remember getting that many presents when I was a kid!) Both Risa and Jonathan said that they got what they asked for from Santa. I found Risa playing with her bubble-pack, popping the bubbles...but she soon returned to the "real toys". Even Cooper and BeeBee got presents...the biggest dog bones that I've ever seen. We had the "Lightner Cam" running in the living room so that Uncle Marty and family could look in from Duluth.
B.D. Lightner, Fri Dec 25 12:38:56 PST 1998