Dogs and Soccer

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First two photos are Jonathan in the living room with his "dog buddy" Cooper. The next ten photos were taken after Jonathan and Beth got new soccer shoes and shin-guards. The last two photos document the arrival in San Diego of older sister Naomi Ahlgren and "BeeBee", Roseann's "three-legged boonie dog" from Guam...surely an endangered species...this may have been the last one left on the island! It was a happy reunion.

BeeBee was worn out by the long trip from Guam, but she soon recovered and is settling in nicely. BeeBee is a well behaved "pooch"...and a good watchdog. Cooper likes having a new playmate. (The rest of the Lightner's are still getting used to the apparent optical illusion caused by BeeBee's missing foreleg.)

B.D. Lightner, Mon Jul 20 18:33:42 PDT 1998