Summer School Theater

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The first two photos are of BeeBee and Cooper waiting for everyone to come home. The next two photos of the front of our house were used to make the fifth picture, a 3D image (anaglyph) of our house (use the red-blue glasses from the August 1998 issue of National Geographics to view the photo).

The rest of the photos were taken at the Children's School in La Jolla where Beth and Risa have been going to summer school. The photos were taken on the day of Beth's theater performance of "A Blast to the Past", a play (and video) about a wayward, time-traveling tour bus. This was a project of the "Showcase Theater Camp". Also present for the performance was "Granddad Schuler" and Alexander, a summer visitor from Sweden. There also is a cute photo with Risa and her "Wacky Science" teacher.

The last two photos are of Jonathan and Risa showing off their new "rash guards", special shirts for surfing/boogie-boarding, which they used the next day at the beach.

B.D. Lightner, Sun Aug 2 14:04:24 PDT 1998