Beach and Home

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Most of the kids had a 4-day holiday from school. The first three beach photos are of a Friday noon-time picnic with Jonathan and Risa at the beach near our house. Risa carried a couple of "special" rocks back home...all by herself.

The next two photos of Risa show off the new hairdo Evie gave her. The photos of Evie and Roseann caught them practicing "lip-syncing" to a CD in the livingroom. Their friend and fellow Girl Scout Cassidy was watching...and laughing along.

On Monday, all the girls, Jonathan and I went to the beach in the afternoon. It was one of the lowest tides of the year so of course we went tide-pooling...and fed the sea gulls. The first photo shows Roseann, Risa and Jonathan together in the "secret tunnel" under the "Big Rock" at the point just before Black's Beach. One photo shows Jonathan holding up a "sea hare", a kind of sea snail with no shell. Jonathan is getting very good a bounding from rock to rock in the tide pools. This time he didn't fall in even once! The photo of Jonathan and Roseann shows the famous round beach house in the backgound at Black's Beach. Jonathan, the "Human Bulldozer" got caught by a wave while plowing the beach with his driftwood stick. Finally, I tried to get a "serious" art photo under the Scripps Pier, but with this crowd, there's no hope!

B.D. Lightner, Mon Feb 15 18:26:43 PST 1999