Girl Scout Fun Fair 1999

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Today was the Girl Scout Fun Fair at the Children's School in La Jolla, an annual event involving 200+ Girl Scouts and Brownies. This year Sherri's Girl Scout Troup (which includes Evie and Roseann) was in charge of organization. Risa and Beth were also there with their troups. Some of the Girl Scout troups pick a country and set up booths and tables to teach others about that country, using crafts, food, songs, dance, etc. The Brownies and Girl Scouts go from country-to-country with their "passports", which you can see hanging around the girls' necks in the photos.

Beth's troup picked Ireland. Risa stopped by "Hawaii" and learned to hula. I also caught the three "Mom's in Charge" at the "lemonade stand".

Jonathan and I stopped by to take some photos. I think the best one is of Jonathan up a tree with his new, extra-large shoes.

B.D. Lightner, Sat Feb 20 15:26:14 PST 1999