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These are some miscellaneous photos taken at home. I snapped a couple of photos of Jonathan and Risa playing with cars in the back yard while I was working in the den. The photo of me records a new high in terms of "temporary computer count" in the den...7 laptops and 4 "regular" PCs. (OK, so one of the PCs and four of the laptops weren't turned on! :-) Keeping track of all keyboards and mice on my desk was a challenge! Jonathan, as usual, thought all that stuff was cool. Jonathan is facinated with computers. In fact, we now have a "screen saver" password on the living room computer to keep him from "messing up the PC desktop" there. The last photo of Roseann came from Naomi via e-mail.
B.D. Lightner, Wed May 12 12:08:45 PDT 1999