Grandma Janis Visits

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Last Sunday, we all got to visit with Grandma Janis (Jonathan, Risa, Beth and Roseann's paternal grandmother) and her friend Joe. They had traveled from Redding, California to San Diego to attend a wedding. We went to one of our favorite resturants for large groups (we were a party of 12), the Bali-Hai, on Shelter Island, overlooking San Diego Bay. Grandma Donna and Grandpa Alan joined us for dinner. The food and company was great. All the children were especially well behaved. Everyone had a good time. The last photo is of Risa sleeping that night with one of the dolls that Grandma Janis made for Beth and Risa.
B.D. Lightner, Sun May 9 10:14:29 PDT 1999