Digital Orthophoto Quad - Quarter Quad: Detailed Information about DI00000000050072

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Meta Data Details
Entity ID : DI00000000050072
Quadrant : SE
Acquisition Date : 1994/06/01
Browse Avail Flag : Yes, browse is available
Northwest Lat. : N33 18 45
Northwest Long. : W117 18 45
Northeast Lat. : N33 18 45
Northeast Long. : W117 15 00
Southeast Lat. : N33 15 00
Southeast Long. : W117 15 00
Southwest Lat. : N33 15 00
Southwest Long. : W117 18 45
Area Indicator : Search area is within the entity coverage
Availability : Current Data
Version : 1
Band Type : Black and white
DOQ Format : Single file (SNG)
Standards Version :
Primary H Datum : North American Datum of 1983
Coordinate System : Universal Transvers Mercator (UTM)
Ellipsoid :
XY Unit : Meters
Production System : ORBIT OR_RECTIFY V.4.9
Production Date : 1996/12/06
Cooperator :
Submitting Agency : Western Mapping Center (WMC)
Oversight Agency : Western Mapping Center (WMC)
Quad Sequence Number : 48022
Cell ID : 214736
ODB Prod ID : 50072
Date Updated SDB : 1997/06/09

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