March 1998 D.T.S. Baja Run

March 1998 D.T.S. Baja Run New Friends

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As part of our travels made new friends on our 1000+ mile round trip to the Bay of L.A. in Baja California. We also snapped photos of a few and promised to put them on the Web. If you are one of them, please drop us a line via e-mail to

The first two photos are of a couple of bike riders (one a school teacher) from Santa Ana California we met on Day #1 over lunch at Laguna Hansen...a perfect day for off-roading They were scouting for an upcoming motorcycle event, and being out of beer, we provided them with a couple of brews...and a copy of our topographical maps of Baja. The third photo is of the multilingual fellow (Coco) who lives at Coco's Corner in a tiny trailer, and reportedly speaks seven languages. The last photo is of two U.C. San Diego undergraduates (Biology majors?) we met in a campground in the Bay of L.A. They were taking it easy between quarters. Unlike us, they were nice, quiet campers who went to bed early. We, on the other hand, had to celebrate someone's the bar, so we didn't pitch our tents until well after dark!

Update: We've made contact (via e-mail) with everyone mentioned above, except for "Coco", who is no doubt still waiting for an Internet service provider to offer a network connection at Coco's Corner. We're hopeful that he'll contact us soon. (If not, we're prepared to return to Baja and visit him!)

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