Y.B.D.B. Power Blender Beer Margarita Recipe

Byron Lowry from Coronado Island, San Diego, California has offered up his "beer" Margarita recipe...complete with health claims with respect to hangovers! We've tried his recipe (multiple times) and it makes for a fine batch of Margaritas...very tasty!

Date: 8/22/97 10:27 AM
To: Helland, David
From: KNBSLowry "AT" aol "DOT" com  <--- parse this SPAM spiders!

Dave ...

I got your name and web address from John Weaver. We really enjoyed
reading about the blender and are looking forward to the VW powered

We thought you may want to add our "beer" Margarita recipe to the
blender website.  This formula has endured almost twenty years of
analysis through trials at home and in the field.  Try it, you'll like

Pour into the blender: (all in equal parts)

  6 oz. Tequila (preferably white Cuervo)
  6 oz. Beer (any will do, we use MGD)
  6 oz. Frozen "MinuteMaid" Limeade Concentrate
  Ice cubes to suit (leave room at the top)

Zap it real good to blend. <--- need gas power for this!!! [ed.]
PS .. The "simple" recipe without added liquors such as Triple Sec seem
to make for an easier hangover burden.


Byron Lowry 

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